Bringing the Chesapeake Indoors: Nautical Home Decor in 8 Easy Steps


Bringing the Chesapeake Indoors

Nautical Home Decor in 8 Easy Steps

I’ve spent my entire life living on the East Coast, from Jersey down to Florida. But, Maryland is probably the closest that I’ve lived to water, in terms of mileage. Since moving to Baltimore, I noticed that Marylanders take tons of pride, living on the Chesapeake. When I went to Saint Michaels and Tilghman Island, so many homes were painted different shades of blue to replicate the Atlantic Ocean, with bright yellow, coral and red doors. Even the rooms at the Wylder Hotel and common areas, maintained the blue and white nautical theme. As time goes on and I think about the next place I liked to relocate, I know that I want to be close to water (near someone’s lake or beach), and I want to incorporate beach and nautical elements into my next home.

But how?!?

Let’s talk about which design elements can give any home a nautical vibe!


Step One: Blue or White Exterior

Numerous homes in Saint Michaels were painted different shades of blue, often with white trim.

Sherwin Williams offers a selection of preselected blues, whites and tans in their Northern Shores and Seaports collection. My favorite is Storm Cloud, which speaks for itself, offering a beautiful grey undertone. Another one of my favorites, Comfort Gray, is more of a sea green and both are complimented with Alabaster.


Step Two: Choose a Bright Colored Front Door

Another thing I loved about the homes in Saint Michaels is that so many of them painted their entry doors a bright and bold color. I suppose this made me excited given I painted my front door this past Spring in a gorgeous Benjamin Moore Dutch Tulip. For those that painted their home a neutral cool blue, generally chose a warm toned door with reds, corals or yellows.


But, for those that opted a cool color instead, mostly chose teal frond doors.


Try Benjamin Moore’s Aura Grand Entrance , in a high gloss finish, to replicate these gorgeous entries.

BM Dutch Tulip | BM Coral Gables | BM Hawthorne Yellow | BM St. Lucia Teal


Step Three: White, Gray or Blue Interior Walls

Another mental note while checking out homes and interior studios in the local area, designers chose classic white walls, calming grays or deep navy paints.


Step Four: Woven Natural Fiber Rug

At least one of your rooms should have a woven rug, made out of natural fibers, pulling beige and tan tones of beach sand, with the roping texture of boat dock lines.


Step Five: White Bedding

Think classic, crisp minimalism, with simple white bedding to compliment your cool blue and natural tones.


Step Six: A Blue Sofa

With a natural fabric woven rug, you’ll want a blue sofa as your main focal point in the living room. Dress the space up with a gorgeous painting of the Atlantic right above.


Step Seven: Accessorize with the Ocean

Every decor store had blue and white ginger jars, rattan stools, and coral accessories. Dress up your side tables, coffee tables and mantles with the beach elements.


Step Eight: Maritime Lighting

Lastly, it’s easy to forget to pay attention to the lighting hardware style. I noticed that in addition to the “fisherman” wall sconces, a popular decor option was a brass gooseneck or barn style wall sconce.


R and R Guide to Maryland's Chesapeake Bay: Tilghman Island and St. Michael's


R and R Travel Guide: The Chesapeake Bay

At Tilghman Island and St. Michael’s Island

My girlfriend’s and I recently took a girls’ trip to the Eastern Shore. I suppose this qualifies as a staycation for me, since I’m the Marylander. This was my first time on the Eastern Shore, since the furthest I’ve gone on the Chesapeake was Annapolis. Best decision ever! Honestly, it’s only 2 hours from Baltimore (approximately 3 hours from Washington, D.C.). I’ve been itching to take another trip to Martha’s Vineyard, but just couldn’t do it this Summer because of work constraints. So, a quick three days vacationing on St. Michael’s Island and Tilghman Island were just what I needed for a quick recharge before some serious work travel.

The Eastern Shore proved to be the perfect beach location when places like the Hamptons, Martha’s vineyard, or Cape Cod are just too busy or too expensive. I know that I’ll get a lot of questions about how I mapped out my itinerary for the weekend, so I thought I’d do a quick travel guide for you all.


Where to Stay


Stay at the Wylder Hotel on Tilghman Island

We specifically chose to stay at the Wylder Hotel on Tilghman Island because of its location, a little further away from the hustle of St. Michael’s but still easy access to the Chesapeake Bay. The fully renovated hotel has a saltwater pool, is home to Bar Mumbo and Tickler’s Crab Shack, and available daily sailing on the Lady Patty Yacht.

Wylder Hotel has beach bungalows that were recently remodeled. They have porch seating, are a quick walk to the saltwater pool and Tickler’s Crab Shack. The main house has second floor rooms with views of the Chesapeake Bay.


Day One Morning

Brunch at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club on Kent Island

On the way to our hotel, we first stopped at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club on Kent Island. The beach club has a small restaurant called The Market, which makes decadent sandwiches and pies. I ordered the Italian, which was amazing. The sandwhich was too big to finish in one sitting. We sat on their patio, where they played great music and also had a cocktail bar. I’d drive back to Kent Island just to have one of their sandwiches again.


Day One Afternoon


Relax at the Saltwater Pool at the Wylder Hotel

After touring the hotel in awe of the gorgeous nautical decor and beautiful water views, the ladies and I hung out at the hotel’s salt water pool. The place wasn’t too crowded and we got to soak up the sun all afternoon. There are also some cute lawn activities that you and your family can enjoy.


Day One: Late Afternoon


Have a local ale at Tickler’s Crab Shack

After relaxing for a bit, we stopped at Tickler’s Crab Shack and had a couple of drinks. There was a large wedding party having their dinner rehearsal on the premises; so, we opted to only stay for a bit and have dinner in town instead.


Day One Evening


Dinner at Awful Arthur’s

Our first meal in Saint Michael’s was at Awful Arthur’s seafood restaurant, on the main road. IT WAS DELICIOUS. I couldn’t wait to dive into my fried oyster po’boy, that I started devouring it before I snapped this picture (oops!). The oysters were seasoned to perfection, and their crab cheese dip will melt in your mouth.


One of the things that you’ll quickly notice about Talbot Street in downtown Saint Michael’s is that almost all of the shops and restaurants are historical homes that were remodeled or commercialization. Many of the restaurants are victorian farmhouses, like Awful Arthur’s, and offer outdoor seating. I also noticed that many of the places were dog friendly and provided patrons with dog bows for their furry pups.


Ice Cream at Justine’s Ice Cream Parlor in St. Michael’s

After dinner, we stopped at the local ice cream shop that’s been in business since the late 80s.


Day Two Morning


Pick up Snacks at Tilghman Island Country Store

We made a quck pitstop at the locally famous country store on Tilghman Island. The store is simply a convenience store, but also provides groceries and locals. Thus, it was the go to for cold water and snacks.


Breakfast at The Galley on St. Michael’s Island

We decided on breakfast at The Galley, a local breakfast café on Talbot Street. It was very crowded, so the food took longer than expected; and, I didn’t think there was anything special about the options on the menu itself. If you like a simple breakfast, without any fancy tweaks to traditional menu items, then this place is for you.


Day Two Afternoon


Shopping in Saint Michael’s

Stuffed, we walked up and down Talbot Street to visit the local shops. There were antique shops, gift shops, art galleries, and home decor interior studios. While you can find reasonably priced souvenirs and t-shirts, the antiques, art and home decor options were on the expensive side, especially nautical art and decor.


Wine Tasting at Saint Michael’s Winery

Saint Michael’s Winery is at the very beginning of Talbot Street, as soon as you drive into downtown Saint Michael’s. It’s a small winery that opens at 11:00 a.m. each day, and offers $1.00 wine tasting samples. You can taste wine a la carte or taste all of their dry wines for $5.00, or all of their sweet wines for $7.00. If you want to try all of their wines, it’s $10.00 total. Steal, right?

My favorite wines were the Maryland Chardonnay, Gollywobbler White and Gollywobbler Pink. I purchased a bottle of the Gollywobbler White, which was only $15.00!

In the summertime, the winery offers homemade slushies made from their Gollywobbler White and Gollywobbler Red wines. So delicious in 90º weather, I must say.

The winery gets a little crowded, but they were well staffed and we were able to start wine tasting as soon as we got there, not needing a reservation.


Day Two Evening


Stars Restaurant at Perry Cabin on Saint Michael’s Island

First, let me just say that Stars Restaurant at Perry Cabin has $$$$ on Yelp, but it was worth every single penny. Stars is probably one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life. Every single plate we ordered was seasoned and cooked to perfection.

We ordered the Maryland Crab Cakes, and the lump crab meat was sweet and buttery, and were very large, almost difficult to finish.

I personally ordered the rockfish, since I noticed that many of the local restaurants had rockfish on their menu. The fish was flaky, moist but not undercooked. The skin was crispy and well seasoned. Under the rockfish, there was crab meat, golden raisins, capers, pine nuts and roasted cauliflower, topped with vegetable jus. It was divine. Now, I’m tempted to replicate the recipe some how, but haven’t the slightest idea what he seasoned the fish with.

For dessert, we shared a rich chocolate brownie cooked in pork fat. Yes, you read that correctly. Pork fat, not butter, oil, or margarine. The brownie had an outer crust, that tasted something like a pie crumble, with a graham cracker bottom; the center was a moist brownie with cake texture, with small pieces of bacon. OMG. Talk about needing to master my baking skills.


Finally, Perry Cabin is worth visiting for both the architectural and Chesapeake views. It sits on the bay, a much larger property than Wylder Hotel, with large outdoor seating. Quite honestly, it’s a wedding planner’s dream for a wedding venue.


Day Three Morning


Brunch at Limoncello’s Restaurant

After spending the morning at the saltwater pool, we checked out of our hotel and headed back to downtown Saint Michael’s for brunch. Limoncello’s is Saint Michael’s famous Italian restaurant.


This trip was the perfect girlfriends weekend getaway. I think as long as I’m living in Maryland, I’ll make a mini vacation on the Chesapeake Bay an annual ritual. Maryland is such a big state, although deceivingly small when people only know Baltimore and it’s neighbor, D.C.


Maryland Old Bay Crab Cakes with Chipotle Aioli and Tomato Salsa


Maryland Old Bay Crab Cakes

With Chipotle Aioli and Tomato Salsa

I’m excited to share this recipe because I usually do NOT like crab cakes but OM….G….these were SO good. I also opted NOT to be traditional and cook these in the oven. Instead, these babies were cooked in the waffle maker. That’s right. Nice and crispy with a pretty little presentation. :) Your family is going to love these.

This recipe makes four since each quarter of the waffle is about the same size as a traditional baked crab cake. I was only able to eat two of these in one sitting.

Prep Time: 30 Minutes | Cook Time: 20 Minutes (Makes 4)

What You’ll Need

Crab Cakes

  • 1lb. (16 oz.) of Lump crab meat

  • 2 large eggs

  • 2.5 Tablespoon of Mayonnaise

  • 2.5 Teaspoon of Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard

  • 1 Teaspoon of Worcestershire Sauce

  • 1 Teaspoon of Old Bay

  • 1/4 Teaspoon of seasoning salt

  • 1/4 Teaspoon of cracked black pepper

  • 1/4 Cup of chopped celery

  • 2 Tablespoons of finely chopped fresh parsley

  • 1/4 Cup of Panko bread crumbs

  • 4 Teaspoons of Ghee Butter or Olive Oil

  • Arugula for garnishing

Tomato Salsa

  • 1 Cup of plumb tomatoes (yellow and red mix)

  • 1 Red onion

  • 1/2 of a lemon

Chipotle Aioli

  • 4 Tablespoons of mayonnaise

  • 1 Tablespoon of black pepper

  • 1 Tablespoon of salt

  • 2 Tablespoons of garlic powder


In a large bowl, combine eggs, mayonnaise, dijon mustard, Worcestershire, Old Bay, salt, pepper, celery, and parsley and mix well.


After mixing, add the crab meat and panko; fold mixture gently, as to not shred the meat.


After crab meat is mixed well, turn on waffle iron. Grease waffle iron with either Ghee butter or olive oil. Once heated, add crab cake mixture to waffle iron and cook for 20 minutes or until golden brown.


While crab cakes are cooking in waffle iron, begin dicing tomatoes and onions. Place in a bowl and squeeze the lemon, coating the tomato and onions. Mix well to ensure. You may add salt and pepper to taste for the tomato salsa; however, I opted not to because the crab cakes and aioli have so much flavor.


Finally, in preparing the chipotle aioli, mix mayonnaise, salt, pepper and garlic powder in a bowl. Next, place mixture in a small ziplock bag. Make a small cut at the bottom of corner of the bag.


After you remove the crab cakes from the waffle maker, place crab cakes on bed of arugula. Next, top crab cakes with tomato salsa. Then, squeeze aioli out of the corner of zip lock bag.


Before I took my mini vacay trip to Tilghman Island and St. Michael’s island, I made my way down to Florida and served these up to my parents. My dad is slightly obsessed now, and after you have a bite, I think you will be too. So easy. So quick. So Tasty. Enjoy!


Dog Days of Summer: Dog Beach Safety Tips for Your Pup


Dog Days of Summer

Safety Tips for Taking Your Furry Friend to the Beach


I recently took Miss Pepper Mint to Downs Dog Park and Beach and we had such a blast! It was both our first times at the dog beach and this will definitely become a frequent summer outing for us. I don’t take Pepper to the dog park very often, so she seems to suffer from “Napoleon Syndrome” and shows aggression towards larger dogs that walk just a little too close to us. I suppose that’s my fault, thinking trips to the dog park weren’t necessary since we have a pretty nice size backyard. Not to mention the fact that she’s very sociable and friendly with her fur cousins in Florida.

In prepping for our picnic at the dog beach, I made sure that she had a separate beach bag of all of her necessities:

Dog Beach Essentials

  • Leash and collar

  • Food and water

  • Dog bowls

  • Towel

  • Sunscreen

  • Beach umbrella (if no shade)

  • ID on collar

  • Poop bags

  • Chew toys

  • Garbage bags


Dog Beach Etiquette

Downs Dog Park is right along the Chesapeake Bay in Anne Arundel County. There is a large lawn that overlooks the bay, with large trees providing substantial shade. Thus, we found some shade, laid out our picnic blanket, and watched the waves (well I watched the waves) as we snacked on goodies. I made sure that Pepper and I practiced some beach safety and etiquette tips, not to disturb other dog owners and obviously to make sure Pepper didn’t get overheated from being in the sun too long.

Keep Your Dog on a Leash

Per dog beach rules, all dogs must be on a leash so that all dogs can enjoy the beach while in the control of their owners. I brought Pepper’s woven Vineyard Vines for Target leash, and a retractable 10 ft. leash, just in case the beach wasn’t too crowded and she seemingly enjoyed the water.

Pick Up After Your Dog

Don’t be that person that takes their dog to the dog park and beach and doesn’t clean up after themselves. If you don’t clean up after Fido, then you run the risk of local councilmen justifying the closure of dog beaches. Keep it clean for other pups.

Keep Your Dog Away from Other People

Granted Down’s Dog Park and Beach is a place for dog owners and their pups to enjoy outdoor activities, it is still open to the community. It’s important that you maintain control of your dog. Don’t allow Fido to interfere in other patron’s space, while they’re picnicking, beaching, etc. Pepper is a little 10 lb Pomeranian, who definitely suffers from Napoleon syndrome. She doesn’t like strangers, particularly if they get too close to her or I. The good news is, she won’t just run over to a random person and /or their dog. But, it’s still important that she understands basic commands and stays in her place. But I definitely allowed her to sniff fellow noses and greet other pups on the beach, when we had put our food and picnic away.

Don’t Mess with the Wildlife

Fortunately, there wasn’t too much wildlife on the dog beach. However, if you’re at a beach that has wildlife, such as seagulls, seals, etc., don’t allow your dog to chase after them. That’s another reason why local laws require leashing; it’s their habitat. We’re just visiting.


Dog Safety Tips

Beware of Hot Sand

Hot sand can burn your pup’s little paws.  If the sand is hot, you may want to purchase a set of paw boots for Fido.  Pepper has some, which I did pack just in case; but the sand wasn’t hot in the beach area and we also picnicked in the morning, before it got excruciatingly hot.

Provide Shade and Water

I knew that there were shaded areas at the dog park, and beach areas.  Since I wanted to picnic first, we sat under a tree the entire time, to prevent overheating.  When it was time to pack up the picnic and head down to the beach area, there were lots of trees close by, for when Pepper was done playing in the water.  If there is little to know shade at your local dog beach, you should bring an umbrella or beach tent to prevent your dog from getting heat exhaustion.  

I also packed a cold large bottle of fresh water for Pepper.  I kept the bowl of cold water out for her the entire time we picnicked. 


Use Sunscreen

Both you AND your dog need sunscreen to prevent skin cancer. Yes, dogs can also develop skin cancer (I had no idea either).  My local pet store did not have dog sunscreen.  However, according to PetMD (, I can use sunscreen for adults or children; BUT, only sunscreens that do NOT have zinc oxide and para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA).  I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen (SPF 55).  According to the back label and their website, it is PABA free!  And, there was no indication of zinc oxide.  So, I rubbed sunblock on Pepper’s ears and underbelly.  She has a pretty thick coat, so I didn’t put any on her full body or legs.  I could have put some on her nose, but I didn’t want to chance it since she likes to lick her nose.

If your dog goes swimming, you should reapply the sunscreen after they get out of the water.

Beware of Loose Dogs

At our dog beach, pups must be leashes at all times. However, you will come across an owner or two, that think their dog is the most highly trained and won’t bother other dogs. Whether your dog is well trained or not, dogs are curious creatures. Even though Pepper was leashed at all times, there were moments where I had to keep an eye on her as another owner’s dog would attempt to straggle over and say hi. Not knowing whether someone else’s dog is aggressive or not, be aware of you and your dog’s surroundings, in the even that someone’s pup isn’t leashed.

I hope all of you and your fur babes are having an amazing summer so far! If you have additional tips, leave a comment below!


DIY On a Dime: Summer Nights Citronella Candle


Summer Nights Citronella Candle

Make Your Own Luxury Candle

A few weeks ago, I attended a candle making workshop by a local candle maker and it was so much fun. I saved the instructions but had yet to actually make one. Now, Pepper and I sit outside every morning while I drink my coffee. We also sometimes sit outside when I come home from work, or on the weekends when I’m enjoying a new book. It never fails, but I am always feeling attacked by every mosquito in all of Baltimore.

Fed up, I went online searching for a citronella candle I would actually like. I enjoy using essential oils. They help me sleep and make my home smell fresh, so I’d like to think that I’m familiar with a lot of scents and what I like (or do not like). Well, every candle I found was either too boring (e.g., citronella only) or too expensive.

Of course I wanted the expensive one at Nordstrom; but who feels like paying that kind of money for an outdoor candle, that you’ll have to buy again after you’ve burned it all? Sigh. Then I stared at the ingredients for a moment and thought, well, I can totally make that. And I did….so I thought I’d share!

Now granted, collecting the tools may seem like too much money at first, and you’re better off buying the $100+ candle. Well, not really; because a $10 bag of 3lb soy wax is going to last you a few more candles for sure; and, there’s nothing wrong with having the below oils tucked away in your cabinet (I spray Eucalyptus and Lavender oils on my sheets to help me sleep). So, you’re getting much more use out of the list below than one expensive candle.

Prep Time: 1 Hour | Curating Time: 1 - 2 Days

What You’ll Need


Step One: Prepare Your Candle Container

Preheat your oven to 150ºF — 170ºF, or the lowest temperature setting for your oven. Heating your container ensures that the wax adheres to the glass or ceramic and will reduce sinkholes.

Step Two: Melt the Wax

Pour 1 — 2 inches of water into a medium pot or saucepan. Bring water to a boil. Once water is boiling, pour wax into pouring pot and place metal pouring pot in the boiling water.

Use metal stirrer to continue mixing wax until thoroughly melted.

As you can see from the pictures further down below, I ended up using both the metal pouring pot from the candle kit, and an old measuring cup that I don’t use anymore, since all three cups of melted wax couldn’t fit into the pouring pot at the same time.


Step Three: Add Essential Oils

Using thermometer, check temperature of melted wax. You want the wax to reach between 170ºF and 180ºF. Once the melted wax reaches the desired temperature, add your essential oils. For the 3 cups of wax for the ceramic planter that I used, I measured the following:

  • 30 drops of Citronella

  • 10 drops of Coriander

  • 10 drops of Thyme

  • 15 drops of Eucalyptus

  • 15 drops of Peppermint

  • 10 drops of Lemon

  • 5 drops of Vetiver

Using metal stirrer again, mix fragrances into melted wax thoroughly.

Remove the wax from the boiler and continue stirring for approximately 2 — 3 minutes, stirring slowly to reduce air bubbles.


Step Four: Wick Your Container

Remove the container from the oven and place on an even work area or counter. Using the wick sticker from your candle making kit, secure the cotton wick to the bottom of the container.


Step Five: Pour the Wax Mixture

When the wax has cooled to 125ºF, slowly pour the wax into the container. Do not pour beyond the widest part of the jar (pour close to the center of the jar, where the wick is placed). Depending on the width of your container, you can use the wick holders in your candle making kit. The ceramic planter I purchased from Lowe’s was a little wide, so I used chopstics to secure the wick in place.


Allow the candles to cool completely and trim the wick to 1/4 inch.

Because I’m extra, I also added a few lavender seed buds I had leftover from my Himalayan bath salts.


I’m sooo happy with how it turned out. Now, every afternoon and evening, I light the candle as Pep and I sit on my front porch and i can honestly say that the bugs have stayed away.

Anything to reduce bug bites! I hope you like this fun crafty DIY project!


Red, White and Covert: American Spy


Red, White and Covert

American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson

Happy July!  I kicked off my Summer book list with none other than American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson.  The main character, Marie, starts off with killing an intruder in her home and immediately fleeing with her two twin boys.  After they flee, Marie feels as though she has no choice but finally tell the truth to her children about where they come from, why they are on the run, and that their American lives isn’t everything it seems.


What I liked…


I loved how the author decided to have the protagonist write in a journal, telling her story from the first person. The book is written to the twin boys as if she is writing every single detail from memory.  I enjoyed how the author connects the disappearance of Marie’s sister, to Marie’s future clandestine assignment and the unraveling of what Marie thought actually happened to her best friend.


In terms of character development, Marie was a real life woman of color going through real life trials and tribulations in her federal job. Working at government agencies can still feel like “the good ‘ol boys club,” despite it being 2019 and women breaking all kinds of glass ceilings.  Despite being the top in her class at Quantico, Marie struggles to rise in the ranks within her local FBI field office.  She was always told she had to work twice as hard to receive the same recognition as her White counterparts; and was beginning to feel that in spite of carrying over this effort into her career, she still saw no recognition from her superior officer.  She noticed that she’s constantly given assignments that do not assist her professional growth; when she complains to her mentor, she’s reminded to “stay in line” and “don’t rock the boat;” and, the feeling that she must repeatedly prove her loyalty and dedication to her job due to fear emanated by male supervisors who fail to promote women  because they assume the woman will leave their career for their domestic responsibilities.  Nonetheless, not only does she feel her own internalized pressures of success within the FBI as an appreciative compliment to her deceased sister, but she even acknowledges societal pressures within the Black community and the need to succeed so that her achievements are utilized as a promotional opportunity to encourage other Black women trailing behind her.  I suppose such pressures are real in any career, for working women of color; not just government agencies.  The author did an excellent job demonstrating an educated and talented woman can still be hurdled by misogynistic views; and, how the advice of “playing the game,” should be perceived as a threat to a woman’s success in the workplace, rather than collegial persuasion. 



What I didn’t like…


Marie has an affair with a married man, who just so happens to be a high profile political figure, Thomas.  She talks about how quickly she fell in love with him and their short-lived world wind romance.  But to me, it wasn’t all that romantic at all.  I thought that this mini-plot could’ve been developed more, along with the actual development of her love interest’s character.  It just seemed like it was lacking or wasn’t all that believable to me.  Not to say that people don’t have short-lived world wind romances!  I just thought that this mini plot needed more build up.  For example, there’s some flirtation, batting eyes and all of a sudden, she’s in love.  She finally gets him alone.  She finally sleeps with him. But that’s it.  Maybe the author thought that because of their short time together, that’s all Marie really needed with Thomas.  But, it just didn’t seem real to me.


I also wanted more development of Slater, her sister’s former boyfriend turned government military contractor.  The author alluded to his craziness and the glimpses were small.  Finally, the book ends with Marie wanting to go after Ross, Slater’s former partner.  Since the book ended with Marie’s fate unresolved, I can’t help but wonder if there will be a second installment. Without a sequel, Marie’s story feels unfinished and you’re left hoping that whatever revenge she decides to take, she is successful and returns to her boys.


All in all, I’m glad I finally picked up a copy and read it. I finished this novel rather quickly since the book is seemingly fast paced.  If you’ve already read Wilkinson’s first novel, leave a comment below and let me know you’re thoughts!


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Buttered New England Lobster on Cheddar Bay Biscuits Sliders


Cheddar Bay Biscuit Lobster Sliders

Your Easy Seafood Option for this Fourth of July

Prep Time: 20 Minutes | Cook Time: 25 Minutes

What You’ll Need:

Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits Mix

North Atlantic Lobster Tail

1 / 2 Cup of Ghee Butter

1 Teaspoon of Sea Salt

1 Teaspoon of Pepper

Splash of Lemon

1/4 Cup of Fresh Parsley


First, follow the recommended instructions for the Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit mix.


Next, place lobster tails in oven and allow to bake in oven at same time as Cheddar Bay biscuits (approximately 15-20 minutes).


When lobster tails are cooked, remove meat and place in bowl. Mix melted ghee butter, fresh parsley, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Mix well.


Place lobster mix in between biscuit halves, making sliders. Reheat in oven on 250 degrees for five minutes. Serve warm.


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My Favorite Target Finds for Fourth of July!


My Favorite Finds for 4th of July

All Your Red, White and Blue Options at Target


I recently did a Target run and there were still a bunch of Vineyard Vines for Target finds. I noticed that some of my favorite Target brands also had some really gorgeous Summer pieces, including Magnolia’s Hearth & Hand, Threshold and Opalhouse. Lots of rattan, rope materials, and blues giving me all the nautical vibes and wishing I had a little beach cottage. I listed all of my faves for your convenience. AND….a lot of the Vineyard Vines pieces are 30% off and some of the other brands are 5-15% off! You still have time to pick up some amazing stuff before the dinner parties and BBQs next weekend! Happy Shopping!